You are at home, among us…

Small or big, sports adept, weekend athlets or not at all sporty, Winter and Summer “a like Moutains is good” to use a famous french slogan! Each one has his own way of living and enjoying the mountain, of recharging his batteries, of having fun but there is room for each one of you, there are all tastes and desires in Valloire and… at the Hôtel-Chalet les Mélèzes.

We put all our heart and our energy to welcome you in the best conditions and to satisfy your requests. Do not hesitate, to let us know your needs, your expectations before your arrival and to ask us if something is bothering you or missing during your stay. We always try to be attentive to your well-being and your comfort, but in the heat of the action some things can escape us, so do not hesitate to tell us things, we prefer face to face communication, human exchanges to quickly resolve possible issues in a good spirit.

You are pleased with your visit whether it is for one night, a few days, one or several weeks… we try to weave human ties because our greatest pleasure would be that you feel at home and you may want to come back.

For this first winter season, we will surely need some time to adapt, which is why we have put in place advantageous accommodation rates. We thank you in advance for your indulgence, there might be some imperfections, some tests or failures but be sure that we will always do our best to meet your expectations and needs and we will move forward with and thanks to you, we are always ready to listen to you.

Join us !